Subject Matter Experts: Go Social to Get Noticed

Want to get your research, event and messages noticed by the global community?

Have you wondered if a Google search will find your latest product or project results?

Think social, if you haven’t already.  Here are a few tips.

1. AuthorRank. In the 2000s, search engine optimization was the emerging term defining ways you could construct your website to get noticed by Google or other search engines. Today, the search algorithms have become even more complex, forcing new approaches to being found online. The new Google search algorithms seek only genuine, relevant subject matter and measure the influence of an individual more than that of a website. The search engines are placing higher priority on unique, high-quality content.

 With AuthorRank, those with a Google+ account can link their research, commentaries or other content, which is then given an individual ranking. In turn, this ranking affects the overall position of your website or blog. Make your story, your news, or your results unique, compelling and filled with content that goes beyond reporting, and you’ll be more likely to be found.

2. Subject Matter Experts on the Social Network. With the new algorithms, the search engines are placing less value on hits that have traditionally been seen as a measure of the popularity of a website. Instead, Google search engines will look for the ways your content is shared on the social network.

If you want to be discovered, you can no longer deny the social network. Data on social sharing during 2012 show rising trends. Consider these few examples:

  • Facebook grew by 18%, making up 51% of the social network.
  • Twitter grew by 55%, and makes up 15% of the social network share.
  • Pinterest showed a 379,559 percent growth in 2012 — more than any other network.
  • Reddit grew by 110%; Google+ by 12%.
  • The Presidential Election was the most-shared event of the year, making up 13% of all social activity on Nov 6th.

(Data from AddThis social platform.

3. Develop Social Content. For your next project, consider social content and networking strategies that will win your share of the marketplace you want to reach. While it can seem like a web of a thousand paths, use these two overall approaches and you will get noticed.

First, develop your compelling story, product information or research results into online accessible formats posted to your website, blog, Facebook page, or other appropriate site. Be sure to include links to the popular social networks so viewers can like, share, or re-post your information. 

Second, announce your results thru your accounts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or other social networks.

Easy enough? You bet. But, if you need help with more in-depth strategic planning and execution, contact us at

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