Can you help me (my organization)?

In a word,  yes.

How can you help me?

Is your situation similar to the ones below? These are just a few examples of situations where we can help.  If you need assistance in any of our fields of activity, contact us to find how we can make your life easier.

We hope you’ll get a little chuckle when you read through these sometimes tongue-in-cheek examples while understanding that we’re serious about what we do. But, we’ll also try to make it fun for you as the work begins, gets underway, and achieves the results you need.


Medical Writing/Editing/Publishing

You: I’ve been spending all my time doing research and, subsequently, don’t have to time to write my research paper. And my department head has told me if I don’t submit a paper within a month, he’ll move my office from the lake overlook to the storage closet next to the boiler room.
DBA: We can help. In writing your paper, not moving your office.

You: I’ve submitted my paper to a prestigious medical journal and they’ve accepted it but have let me know that my figures look like my dog did them, and I don’t even have a dog – they want them redone.
DBA: We can help. We do figures, tables and simple and complex illustrations.

You: English is a second language for me. I feel like I can communicate well in English but judging by reaction to my papers, I suspect that may not be the case. When I’ve shown my work to native-English speakers, they politely try not to laugh and walk away.
DBA: We can help. As native-English speakers/writers/editors and through interaction with hundreds of foreign authors, we’ve learned how to extract and distill the essence of your important messages.

You: I have a great idea for a new journal and I even have seed funding but after that I’m stuck. Can you help?
DBA: Yes, we can help. We can do the journal layout/design, help you recruit your editorial board, contributors and authors, and review panel. And we can launch your journal online, in print, or both. You retain whatever control you’re comfortable with and we take care of the rest.


Proposal Development

You: I have a great study idea, I just need the funding to make it go. I have some ideas where to raise funds but little time to pursue.
DBA: We can help. We’ve done many winning proposals (> $30 million worth).

You: Our project started three years ago with seed funding. Our program is a success and we want to continue but our primary grant ends in 12 months and we could use some advice on how to proceed and succeed for another three years.
DBA: We can help. We can analyze your situation, help you find possible funding sources and help you write the proposal.


Public Relations

You: Our organization has a good reputation but we want to get our name and messages about a healthy cardiovascular health profile into more communities. We have set aside funding for a multifaceted campaign and have a limited communications staff who will be overburdened by this new initiative.
DBA: We can help. Our PR campaigns have run the gamut from local to state to national and international campaigns. Whether your business is widgets or your cause is life-saving behaviors, we can put together a strategic plan based on proven communications principles and market research. AND, we can bring the plan to life to achieve your goals.  No plan is a good plan if it sits on the shelf.

Statistical Analysis

You: My partner was in charge of  doing all the statistical analysis for our project but she just left on sabbatical in Tasmania and says she’s too busy to finish our work. The  project is due in 3 weeks and I have a hard time distinguishing a median from a mode.
DBA: We can help. We do stats – it’s part of our mode of operation. Our statistical motto? We’re not mean.

You: I have compiled a massive pile of data and I’m not sure if any of it means anything. I think I’ve been staring at it too long and have acute paralysis by analysis. Help?
DBA: We can help. We can figure out which direction to go, what analyses to conduct and either steer you in the right direction or do the number crunching ourselves.


Data Management

You: I just uncovered 4 GB of data in our archives. My boss says to find out what it is and what to do with it. There’s no way I’m going to have time to even look at it for the next six months.
DBA: We can help. We’ll sort, arrange, recode, organize your data so that it makes sense and we can also develop a presentation that will make it easy to digest, even for your boss.

You: I’ve spent oodles of money on software so that I can track sales (or hours or expenses or …) but I don’t have the time to set it up and make it usable for my staff. And my staff, well, they’re not exactly the technical types.
DBA: We can help. We can digest your new software, figure out the best way to make it work for your business, set it up appropriately and even train your staff.

You: Data, data, data, I’m surrounded by it. But what I’ve got is from multiple sources and none of it is organized quite the same and some of it matches, some of it doesn’t…basically it’s a confused mess. If I had three weeks of quiet time, I know I could figure out how to get it all matching and usable but I have to run my business (department, office, etc) and every time I start to look at the data, I’m called to another meeting or the phone rings or the coffee machine splatters coffee beans all over the wall of our kitchen.
DBA: We can help. We can peruse your data from the 30,000 ft view, give you suggestions on what to do with it, then either set up a plan for you, or your staff, to process it, or we can dig in and tweak and organize and match and unconfuse the mess. We, however, don’t do bean cleaning.



You: I have an extremely complex idea that I need to present to our board of directors. I need to convert this complex idea into a few easy-to-digest images/charts/tables/whatever that I can present quickly and efficiently at our board meeting.
DBA: We can help. We’re very good at drilling down to the heart of the matter, understanding the concepts you need to present and figuring out how to represent the concepts visually and as simply as possible.

You: I’m responsible for our annual report and we’ve been getting complaints that our figures and charts look like they were drawn by a six-year-old.
DBA: We can help. We love to make data look lovely, even if it’s stultifying boring we can give it pizazz, but a classy pizazz, not dancing bears kinda pizazz. We’ll make sure no six-year olds are involved. And, we can also put the annual report together – from editorial to layout/design and illustration. How’s that for one-stop shopping?



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