Managing Editor Services

At DBA, we bring publications to life

Working with a client’s team or with our editorial associates, we build scholarly publications from the ground up:

  • editorial board recruitment and management;
  • peer review panel selection and oversight;
  • peer review process management;
  • manuscript recruitment (in the beginning) to manuscript workflow;
  • author communications;
  • copyediting;
  • proofreading;
  • policy guidance;
  • product design and layout;
  • and production oversight.

Whether your journal (or soon-to-be journal) will be print, digital or both, we can offer solutions and create the platforms you’ll need to take scholarly manuscripts off the shelf and into clinics, labs, libraries and the hands of subscribers.

Open access or subscription-only. We can handle both and help you ensure the publication makes ends meet – and then some. Impact factors, marketing, indexing and advertising. Whatever elements suit your journal, we can pull into action.

Our managing editor services run the gamut. Call us at 386.447.2211 to find out how we can run your journal for you.

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