Medical & Health Communications Overview

At Dubois Betourné & Associates, we can shape your efforts into effective messages – long and short – that will position your work in the best light. From managing editor services to medical writing to medical copyediting.

We can help you:

to expose your research, gain recognition, establish or build a reputation.

so that technical information may be readable at many levels.

your audience to prompt them into action either for their own benefit or that of the community.

Our range of medical & health communications services run the gamut, we:

  • Write, co-write, edit, copy edit or proof manuscripts.
  • Build charts, graphs, tables, illustrations to make complex presentations digestible by either peers or lay audiences.
  • Review your translated manuscript to be sure it makes sense in English.
  • Build and manage an awareness campaign to make sure your message is delivered including designing and managing meetings or conferences.

We have worked with:
medical researchers; epidemiologists; clinical trial principal investigators and their team; professors of medicine and allied health sciences; community physicians and health educators; education specialists; governance and policy makers; public health officials and; nonprofit health organizations.

We have edited, written or re-written more than 1,500 manuscripts
for publication in medical journals, monographs, stand-alone books or documents. Topics covered include: cardiovascular disease and its risk factors; chronic conditions (eg, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis and more); cancer; mental health; population-specific health and disease patterns (minority health, elder health, child health); global health; health disparities and; lifestyle choices (physical activity, nutrition, substance use).

 Our work has appeared in medical publications, including:



Ethnicity & Disease: An International Journal on Population Differences in Disease Patterns











Conference Proceedings 2003
Proceedings of the 2003 Primary Care and Prevention Conference











Conference Syllabus 2010
Syllabus and program guide for annual medical meeting










Health Issues in Latino Males
Health Issues in Latino Males, special supplement









Journal of General Internal Medicine

Shaping Words and Data to Tell Your Story