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Strength in Numbers – Rich in Expertise

A new collaboration brings expanded services and expertise to the Dubois Betourné & Associates, LLC offerings.

We are proud to announce that Health Tech Consultants, Inc. and International Survey Associates, LLC will join forces with us.

This collaboration will allow the delivery of complementary services to include communications/dissemination, data collection, analysis and reporting, program evaluation and training services and more.

For our clients in the health, education and medical arenas, these expanded services will help you define your program results, use data to refine your programs, communicate the benefits of your programs to the markets you serve, and train your stakeholders in program enhancements.

With the combined strength and expertise of the consultants, associates, and staffing resources of each of the three companies, we will provide seamless, reasonably priced options customized to unique needs. This cluster of services is offered in one package, with one payment structure – all to provide the client with the best evaluation, data collection and dissemination efforts available for today’s education and health systems.

 We ask you to do two things:

  • Review the list of services  provided through this collaboration.
  • Call (386.447.2211) or email us to discuss your project’s needs.

 We look forward to working with you.