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Ethnicity & Disease, Volume 25 #4 Released

Focusing on obesity and its impact on ethnic minority populations, Ethnicity & Disease, Volume 25, Number 4 presents some of the latest research on health disparities among ethnic populations. Research studies from scientists around the world explore topics within this focus area including:

In other research, this issue presents findings related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other CVD risk factors. Topics in these areas include:

Proceedings from the annual ISHIB 2015 meeting can also be found in this issue with summary articles on sessions including: Treatment Resistant Hypertension; Coronary Artery Disease in Minority Females; Weight Loss Pharmacotherapy; Strategies for Controlling Blood Pressure in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease; and Holistic Healthcare for the Medically Uninsured.

For more information on these and other studies published in this issue of Ethnicity & Disease, please visit the journal.

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